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Visit to Greenwich

In May 2017, a delegation from the Municipality of Maribor visited Greenwich to mark the 50th anniversary of the twinning of Maribor and Greenwich. A programme took place over several days in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, and included a cultural event provided by SNG Maribor which performed their ballet Radio & Juliet. The English delegation led by Mayor Peter Brooks returned their visit for the same reason and visited Maribor in November 2017.

On the first day of their time in Maribor they were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, Mag. Zdravko Luketič, who warmly greeted the guests. The reception continued with a working meeting intended primarily to mutually exchange experience in education, culture and sport, and cement future cooperation and cooperation in the aforementioned areas.

The working meeting continued the following day with a visit to Greenwich Park in the Pobrežje district where the guests were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor, Mr Saša Pelko, who explained to them the symbolism behind the park, especially the famous British red telephone box. The guests were also welcomed at the Old Vine House and carried the reputation of the unique and oldest grapevine in the world back to their homeland. On the following day, accompanied by Deputy Mayor Mag. Zdravko Luketič, they visited the famous heart-shaped road in Špičnik and continued their talks on cooperation during a working meeting.