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Visit of the delegation from Wuxi, China to Maribor

Last weekend Maribor was visited by a delegation from the Chinese Municipality of Wuxi, which has around 6.5 million inhabitants and is located in China's most developed region – Jiangsu. The Wuxi Municipality has the second largest income per capita of all Chinese municipalities. The delegation led by Mr Chen Minghui, the Director of the Department for Internal Affairs in the Wuxi Municipality, included representatives of the Department of Sport, a representative of the Department of Culture, Media and Publications, a representative of the Department of Tourism and business representatives from Wuxi.

Deputy Mayor Mag. Zdravko Luketič and Saša Pelko, head of the Lista Župana Andreja Fištravca group of councillors in the City Council, welcomed the delegation on behalf of the City Municipality of Maribor. The delegation also met with Marko Kovačič, Mayor’s Advisor, Simon Mihalina, Acting Head of the Department for Sport, Miran Ferk, a sports specialist from Maribor, Vladimir Rukavina, Director of the Narodni Dom Maribor Culture and Event Centre, and Brigita Pavlič, Director of Festival Maribor.

At the 3rd official meeting the municipalities agreed that cooperation in the field of sport, especially football, is of greatest interest. The representatives of the Wuxi Municipality expressed a wish that football coaches from Maribor would coach football players and coaches from Wuxi. Other areas with mutual interest for cooperation are culture, tourism, education and business. Representatives from the City Municipality of Maribor invited their guests to the Slovenian-Chinese usiness Conference which will be held in Maribor between 9 and 11 November 2015.

After the official part of the meeting, the delegation attended a concert of Festival Maribor, and on the following day visited the main tourist sights of Maribor. Representatives of Wuxi invited the Mayor Dr. Andrej Fištravec to visit Wuxi in november 2015 immediately prior to the visit of the Slovenian governmental and business delegation to China.