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The mayor welcomed a delegation from the Czech Republic to Maribor

The Municipality of Maribor received a visit from a seven‑member Czech delegation which was welcomed by the Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor Dr. Andrej Fištravec. The delegation from the Czech Republic visited Maribor to commemorate the apiarist Filip Terč who lived and worked in Maribor. The Mayor’s reception was attended by the city councillor Dr. Gregor Pivec, author of the book Filip Terč, Pioneer of Apitherapy, Vlado Vogrinec, president of the Maribor section of the Slovenian Beekeepers' Association, Andrej Kocbek, president of the Association for Rural Development from Lenart, and Karl Vogrinčič, beekeeper and apitherapist. In apitherapy bee stings and honey products, such as honey, propolis and royal jelly, are applied to treat the immune system and promote health.

Dr. Pivec, a physician and beekeeper who has written a book about Filip Terč, the father of modern apitherapy, talked about Terč’s work from a medical perspective. The ambition is to create a physiotherapy study programme which would include apitherapy as a subject in its syllabus. The study programme will be drafted in English and thus available to everybody.
The seven-member Czech delegation was led by the Mayor of Kdyne Jan Löffelmann. The delegation was comprised of representatives of the MAS Český les, Domažlice and beekeepers who visited the city where Filip Terč, who was born in Prapořištĕ a small town in the Czech Republic, lived and worked. Their purpose was to pay tribute at Filip Terč’s grave and to get themselves acquainted with the city where he lived. At the same time their visit is a great opportunity for cooperation with beekeepers from Maribor who work in apitherapy.
The delegation also expressed the wish to place a commemorative plaque in the Czech language at his grave to mark the 100th anniversary of his death which is this year.
About Filip Terč: a rheumatologist and apitherapist born in Prapořištĕ (Czech Republic). Filip Terč studied medicine in Vienna and later moved to Maribor where he worked as a general practitioner. Beside medicine, he had a big passion for bees. All his notes and published articles reveal that he is the father of modern apitherapy.