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The city Municipality of Maribor is paving the way for new business opportunities for investors and representatives from industry

The first will take place in September, giving industry representatives from Maribor and Slovenia the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the interests of investors from Belarus and the different ways to conduct business with this important country that is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union and an exceptional point of entry to a 180 million-strong market. Additionally, Maribor is busying itself with investments from a project and organisational perspective. On that note an Invest in Maribor catalogue will be published in English and made available to investors and business representatives in advance of the conference. From today they can also access the web page which is dedicated to presenting identified investment opportunities and other data relevant for investors as well as other projects that will be regularly added to the web page. Representatives of the City Municipality of Maribor are aware that when it comes to the final implementation of investments their role is limited but nonetheless they are determined to create the necessary conditions to revitalise the economy of Maribor.At a press conference, Dr. Andrej Fištravec, the Mayor of the City Municipality of Maribor pointed out: “One of the municipality’s top priorities is to actively create a stimulating and friendly business environment for the implementation of business projects in accordance with its remits. As you know, the City Municipality of Maribor is faced with various challenges in the field of business and industry every day.The common denominator of the vast majority is a lack of funds for their implementation. The Municipality’s ability to provide financial resources is limited by a number of restrictions, and investment processes depend not only on the municipality but the country as well. So the City Municipality has decided to go a step further and present the investment opportunities and possibilities of the city and the wider region. On the one hand we provide active assistance to businesses and enterprises which would like, with the help of the municipality and national institutions, to present their business projects to investors and potential business partners. On the other hand our aim is to provide investors with direct contacts in order for them to get acquainted with the projects.

”The Mayor’s advisor Marko Kovačič continued: “With the aim of boosting Maribor's economy we were searching for a way to connect the economy and entrepreneurship in accordance with global investment trends. The result of this is the Invest in Maribor – Welcome to Slovenia project.This autumn, Maribor will host the Slovenian-Belarusian Business Conference between September 23 and 25, the Slovenian-Iranian Business Forum between October 13 and 15, and the Slovenian-Chinese Business Conference between November 9 and 11. Additionally, in November I will take part in the Turkish Business Conference in Istanbul, tomorrow I am travelling to Moscow, and a business delegation from Maribor is visiting Belgrade next week and Doha in December. I would like to emphasise that we are not organising this project for ourselves but for the companies, the craftsmen and other business projects and therefore we have invited institutions that act as a liaison between the different segments. We are happy that the relevant ministries have backed the Invest in Maribor – Welcome to Slovenia project and have given it positive feedback.To ensure that companies from Maribor and the wider region will take part, we decided to invite them to the conference through their business organisations, the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Maribor Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business , the Chamber Of Commerce and Industry of Štajerska, the Business Incubator of the University of Maribor and the Tezno Business Zone. We expect that interested companies will liaise with the aforementioned institutions and thus show and prove their potential. For all those participants who are searching for business opportunities independently, without the help of business organisations, some tickets will also be made available for sale via the web page. This web page will serve not only as a portal for business activities within the project but also as a platform for investment projects which otherwise would not be implemented due to a lack of funds and fresh capital. We believe that this web page will be continually updated because we are convinced that Maribor is a city full of ideas. Furthermore, a tender for co-financing participation in trade missions from Maribor to other countries and a tender for co-financing individual appearances at international fairs abroad for companies based in Maribor will be published in the autumn, and we are currently creating a legal base for them.

”Aleš Pulko, Head of the the Maribor Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business: “The Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business Maribor welcomes the activities of the City Municipality of Maribor. We have been following the activities of the Mayor and his team from the beginning of his term in office and we can say they are on the right track. Companies need some sort of political support to back their activities because this is the only way to open the doors to larger markets which would otherwise be hard to penetrate. Therefore we thank the Mayor, Dr. Andrej Fištravec, for his bold decision in offering direct support to companies. We are aware that this is not an easy path to go down because you do not see instant results and no monuments are built for such endeavours. Among those entrepreneurs, whose companies are not based in Maribor, it is often said that it makes sound commercial sense to establish a company in Maribor or at least to shift the base to Maribor due to the considerable support given to companies to penetrate foreign markets. Maribor's Regional Chamber of Crafts and Small Business will remain active in supporting all events and organisations. What is more, the Chamber took part in the organisation of the Belgrade trade mission, the SlovenianBelarusian Business Conference, the SlovenianIranian Business Forum, the Slovenian-Chinese Business Conference and various other trade delegations that are being prepared.

”Davlat Yusupov, official representative of the Slovenian Centre for International Cooperation and Development in the Republic of Belarus: “It is an honour to be part of a project that will bring together companies from Slovenia and Belarus. Companies from Belarus are eager to grow and be competitive in other markets. Therefore they are interested in cooperating with markets that are technologically more advanced, and that can offer them knowledge and experience for developing their own companies and for creating joint companies. There are very few differences between the Belarusian and the Slovenian business cultures. We are both Slavic nations and are therefore close in all respects. I am looking forward to seeing Belarus companies, which have expressed an interest in business cooperation, liaise with companies from Slovenia.”