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Mayor dr. Andrej Fištravec welcomes the mayor of centre Sarajevo on his official visit to Maribor

The Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor welcomed a delegation led by the Mayor of Centre Sarajevo. The delegation visited Maribor with the intention of exchanging examples of good practice, particularly those in relation to working internationally. 
In May, Maribor was visited by the Mayor of Centre Sarajevo Prof. Dr. Nedžad Ajnadžić who was welcomed by the Mayor of Maribor, Dr. Andrej Fištravec. Prof. Dr. Nedžad Ajnadžić and his delegation came to Maribor to familiarise themselves with the possibility of joint cooperation in international projects, whereby – because of the vast experiences of the Municipality of Maribor – they were especially interested in projects co-financed by EU funds. Furthermore, the Mayor of Centre Sarajevo expressed the interest to twin both cities to facilitate the possibilities of mutual and international cooperation.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, Dr. Andrej Fištravec, expressed that Maribor is prepared to twin and welcomes the initiative to twin with Sarajevo. Moreover, he offered the help of the city’s administration and the Development Projects and Investments Service – Project Office which is willing to exchange examples of good practice.

In their discussions the Mayor of Maribor presented the city’s current projects. One of them is the state-of-the-art waste sorting facility which is in line with the circular economy concept – an advanced European concept supported even by the former European Commissioner for Environment Janez Potočnik. Maribor is recognised as one of the leading European cities already implementing the circular economy concept. The mayors also expressed their interest for participation in other areas, such as culture where they would like to establish cooperation in the field of opera and ballet, and in student exchange programmes for students of technical schools and faculties.

They concluded the meeting by agreeing that both sides are interested to cooperate in European projects and the exchange of good practices, as well as other possible opportunities for mutual support.