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Maribor’s mayor signed a letter of intent in Kraljevo, Serbia

On his official visit to Kraljevo the Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, Dr. Andrej Fištravec, and the Mayor of Kraljevo signed a letter of intent between both municipalities. 

At the beginning of June a delegation led by the Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor, Dr. Andrej Fištravec, consisting of the vice-chairman of the Municipality of Maribor’s Project Council Bojan Strajnar and the coordinator for cooperation between the Municipality of Maribor and Kraljevo Andrej Verlič, visited the city of Kraljevo in Serbia. The delegation was accompanied by the director and three teachers from the OŠ Draga Kobala primary school with the aim of reviving the partnership with the primary school OŠ Sveti Sava from Kraljevo. For this purpose the Mayor of Maribor visited the aforementioned school where he addressed the students and attended a theatre performance that the students had prepared.

At the Municipality of Kraljevo the Mayor of Maribor was welcomed by the Mayor Dr. Predrag Terzić. The purpose of Dr. Fištravec’s visit was to sign a letter of intent in which both cities expressed their interest in cooperating and jointly developing projects important for the development of the local environment and for strengthening public interest in both cities.

The Municipalities have already met on many occasions and were able to put in place basic conditions and aims of cooperation. Signing this letter of intent represents an upgrading of the existing cooperation between Maribor and Kraljevo.

Because the Republic of Slovenia is a longstanding member of the EU and because Maribor, as the second biggest municipality in Slovenia, is very active in the preparation and implementation of projects co-financed with EU funds, Kraljevo would like to use the positive experience Maribor has  had and implement the best practice examples in its city. This intent represented the basis for the preparation of a cooperation agreement in public utilities, water supply, circular economy, rational use of energy, education, sport, tourism and economic cooperation.

Both sides, signatories of the letter of intent, agree to aim to fulfil all agreements and provide conditions for the implementation of cooperation aims to increase the cities’ visibility and create new job opportunities.