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Business mission from the Municipality of Maribor to China

From 31st May to 9th June 2017 a delegation from Maribor travelled on a business mission through China to meet with representatives of five cities: Chongqing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Hangzhou and Ningbo.
The meetings that were held by the delegation started on Friday 2nd June 2017, in Chongqing. The first meeting was attended by the management of the Chongqing Municipality, representatives of the Chongqing Commerce Commission, the China Development Bank and the China Environmental Protection Bureau. The main topics under discussion were the further establishment of twinning relationships between Maribor and Chongqing, promotion of trade links between the cities, cooperation in education, and promotion of and support to Chinese investments in and around Maribor.
From 3rd to 5th June 2017 the delegation continued its journey to Shanghai where talks primarily focused on two areas of investment – namely a textile development institute and the tourism and hospitality industry.
After Shanghai, members of the mission stopped in Xi’an, where on 6th June 2017 meetings were held with representatives of the Xi'an Hi-tech Industries Development Zone, the Municipality’s Office for International Relations and representatives of Sino-Tekco Investment Ltd. These meetings focused on the activities of Xi'an and Maribor within the One Belt One Road initiative, research collaboration and the establishment of a direct air link between the aforementioned cities.
On the following day, Wednesday 7th June 2017, the mission was in Hangzhou where its representatives handed over a letter regarding the establishment of twinning relationships and discussed cooperation possibilities between Hangzhou and Maribor in education and sports.
The last city visited by the delegation from Maribor on its business mission was Ningbo. There, on 7th and 8th June 2017 the delegation attended the traditional forum of local leaders from Central and Eastern European countries – the Expo 16+1 – where the delegation met with representatives from Zhengzhou.