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Business delegation from the Municipality of Maribor in Tours, France

At the end of June, a delegation from Maribor visited its twin city of Tours, France, where it carried out promotional activities and conducted business meetings.

The members of the delegation were received by the Mayor of Tours, Babary Serge. The talks and meetings with the representatives from the Municipality focused on general attributes of both cities and the possibilities for cooperation between them.

At one meeting the delegation from Maribor met with Jerome Tebaldi, Deputy‑Mayor responsible for international relations and culture, and Marie-Bernard Amirault-Deiss who is responsible for international relations and cooperation. The main topics of the meeting were: cooperation between the cities in tourism, investments, culture and gastronomy – this was the topic where the participants focused particularly on the exchange of skills between the cities. As Maribor and Tours are renowned for their wine‑making traditions an exchange of knowledge between wine‑makers would bring significant added value for both cities.

On the Maribor delegation’s trip itinerary was a presentation of wines from Štajerska (Slovenian Styria) and the Maribor-Pohorje region, which was organised around the St. Martin's Parade. Just before the parade began, visitors could talk with two representatives from the Maribor-Pohorje Tourist Board who were hosting a stall. Participating at the St. Martin's parade was one of the main reasons for the business visit to Tours, and during the parade the delegation from Maribor joined they symbolic walk through the city. Furthermore, a group of young artists, under the joint representation of the Municipality of Maribor, made their appearance several times during the visit, representing the cultural heritage of Maribor through a very special musical and dramatic performance.