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Business delegation from the Municipality of Maribor in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland

In the first week of September a delegation from Maribor visited Krynica-Zdroj in Poland where it took part in the 27th Economic Forum that attracts a wide range of economic and political elites to this world renowned spa town each year in September.

During the two and a half days the delegation from the Municipality of Maribor attended lectures that were related to the work of some municipal offices and offered new solutions that Maribor hasn’t implemented yet. For example the lecture on circular economy (“The Circular Economy (CE) a New Challenge for the Local Government Units and Businesses Entities”), the lecture related to local self-government (“What do Local Governments Need – Visionaries or Officials?”), cooperation on an international (“Africa – Europe: How to Strengthen the Cooperation?”) and inter-city level (“Regional Public Diplomacy – How Foreign Cities and Regions Get Partnered”), and many other lectures that presented new and different guidelines in various fields of work.

Participating at the aforementioned forum didn’t only give us new insights in various areas but also represents the beginning of cooperation between the Warsaw-based Institute for Eastern Studies/Economic Forum Office and Maribor.